2014-12-21 v1.7 (c529):

  • Java 8 support:
    • Added support for new constant pool types:
      • CONSTANT_MethodHandle
      • CONSTANT_MethodType
      • CONSTANT_InvokeDynamic
    • Added viewer for BootstrapMethod attribute
    • Added support for invokedynamic opcode
  • Added viewer for StackMap attribute
  • Added Copy and Copy all to the exception table list in Code Editor
  • Added /opcodes command line switch to start Opcodes Help only
  • Added demangling of Signature attribute
  • Opcodes Help window can now be stuck to the main application window or to Code Editor window
  • Added some more keyboard shortcuts

2013-11-28 v1.6 (c472):

  • Added Restore Debug Info feature (GUI and command line support)
  • Added viewer and editor for LocalVariableTable attribute
  • Added viewer for LineNumberTable attribute
  • Added modification indicator (asks for save before exit)
  • Added list of recently opened files in File menu
  • Most of small windows can be closed with ESC key
  • Added search possibility to the generic viewer window
  • Methods/Fields tab changes:
    • Double click on the Methods/Fields list now launches editor for the default attribute (e.g. Code Editor)
    • Double click on the preview panel now launches editor for the default attribute
  • Constant Pool tab changes:
    • Added ability to set decimal/hexadecimal index on the list
    • Added ability to set case sensitiveness for Active search
  • Code Editor changes:
    • Added support for keyboard shortcuts
    • Added search possibility
    • Added Edit opcode action to the context menu
    • Added Add exception handler for selected region to the context menu
    • Name of the current function visible in the window title
    • Remember hex/addr/disasm settings for Copy selection action
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed Register Shell Extension action
    • Fixed possible hang on startup update check
    • Save file automatically adds .class extension if extension was not specified
    • Fixed problem with displaying long strings on Constant Pool tab
    • Fixed problem with Python support in TotalCmd plugin

2011-09-21 v1.5 (c359):

  • Added internal Opcodes Help with description of all Java bytecode opcodes
  • Added active help in Code Editor window, that prints short description of selected opcode
  • Improved Python scripting
    • Added decrypter for Allatori obcfuscator
    • Added possibility to re-encrypt decrypted strings
  • Added active search filter for Constant Pool tab
  • Added possibility to copy content from some more windows
  • Added Donation feature to Help menu and to About dialog

2011-07-06 v1.4 (c334):

  • BugFix: Fixed problem with changing fonts on Windows XP.

2011-06-07 v1.4 (c326):

  • BugFix: Removed 'missing python dll' messageboxes at startup.

2011-06-04 v1.4 (c324):

  • Utf8 and String objects can be modified by custom Python scripts (supported version 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 both x86 and x64)
  • Added drag'n'drop support
  • Added possibility to copy dissasembly to clipboard
  • Added possibility to change font in dissasembly window
  • Added update check on startup (can be turned off)

2011-01-10 v1.3 (c263):

  • Total Commander plugin as a separate download (functionality is the same as in stand-alone 1.3 (c255))

2011-01-06 v1.3 (c255):

  • Added support for editing Name, Descriptor and Flags on Methods and Fields tab
  • Added Add and Delete actions for Methods and Fields
  • Added Add, View, Edit and Delete actions for attributes on Methods and Fields tab and in Code Editor
  • Added support for editing Max Stack and Max Locals fields in Code Editor
  • Added support for adding Code and Exceptions attributes
  • Added support for editing exception records in Code Editor
  • Code Editor window merged with Code Viewer
  • GUI ported to WTL (Windows Template Library)

2010-10-31 v1.2 (c213):

  • Added context menu for Interfaces field (Implements listbox on Overview tab). Specific interfaces can be now Added, Edited or Deleteed.
  • Added context menu for Attributes listbox on Overview tab. Specific attributes can be now Edited, Viewed, Added or Deleteed. Currently supported attributes: InnerClasses, Synthetic, Deprecated, ConstantValue, Signature, SourceFile, EnclosingMethod
  • Added Edit with dirtyJOE feature to shell context menu of .class files
  • Added simple Check for Updates mechanism
  • Name of opened file is visible on window title
  • Native x64 executable as a separate download

2010-09-26 v1.1 (c169):

  • Added Edit option for Minor version, Major version, Access flags, This class and Super class fields on Overview tab.
  • Added Show Refs button on Constant Pool tab.
  • Added Object filter on Constant Pool tab.
  • Added context menu on Constant Pool tab with some common operations: Copy Text, Edit Item, Add Item and Show References

2010-09-18 v1.0 (c147):

  • Initial release

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