On Overview tab you can edit some basic parameters of .class file header and view class attributes (InnerClasses and SourceFile) of .class files.

Values that can be edited:

  • Minor version
  • Major version
  • Access flags
  • This class
  • Super class
  • Interfaces
  • Attributes

Editing Access Flags

You can edit access flags in two ways:

  • selecting specific check-box
  • write raw hex value into Raw Flags edit control (16bit)

(disabled check-boxes shouldn't be used, but you can select them by writing raw hex value)

Editing Interfaces

You can edit interfaces in two ways:

  • by double clicking on specific interface in a listbox
  • by selecting Edit Interface option from context menu

Using context menu you can also:

  • Add a new interface
  • Delete an existing interface
  • Copy text represetnation of interface to clipboard

Editing Attributes

All information about attributes can be found under Misc->Attributes

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